Ode to my distaste of leggings

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Oh, leggings.

You're known as being the most comfortable and common leg wear on my fellow female collegiates and teenagers. You're known as being cheap and fashionable. My peers practically sing of your angelic abilities.

I can't stand you.

To be fair, there are plenty of women who can pull you off. Are you for me? No way. I've tried wearing you. I really have. You just... you make me feel naked. It's kind of ironic, actually. I'm willing to run all over the place sweaty and gross in short shorts and sports bras. Heck, I swam competitively for ten years in super tight swim suits. Leggings, you shouldn't make me feel as if I'm flashing the world.

It probably has to do with the fact that you feel like long underwear.

You+me= no way. If you're wondering, this has baffled some people. "What do you wear when you don't have time in the morning to get ready?" They say. Dark skinny jeans, my friend. They're just as easy to put on as you, leggings, they cover more, and are super classy and comfortable. What baffles me is: Why would you wear leggings when you could look way better in dark skinny jeans? Look leggings, I admit that you may be cheaper than a pair jeans, but you don't last nearly as long. Jeans don't show every panty line imaginable like you do. Heck, leggings, you show every slight jiggle in my not so jiggly body.

That's not cool.

Besides, skinny jeans don't get me evil looks from old ladies. I've never found a point to you, leggings, when I could wear a comfortable pair of skinnies instead, or tights with shorts. Even tunics look better with dark skinnies than they do leggings. Look leggings, I'm sorry for hating on you, I really am. However, you really don't have any place in my closet. Oh leggings, how I do have such a distaste for you.   Have any questions, comments, or concerns about leggings? Email me at thechicteen@gmail.com This is added to a link up! Check it out at http://www.iwouldsorockthis.com          


  1. Te he! This is hilarious! I will say that I totally agreed with you on a lot of these points for a long time, but I caved. Granted, I don’t have a single pair of galaxy/stained glass/sliced up leggings like in your photo above, but as a dance teacher who is also a blogger, I do enjoy the versatility of leggings on some occasions. I can wear one outfit to teach, take outfit photos and call it a day… BUT, I have to be wearing a long shirt/tunic/dress so that everything is covered!
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  2. I honestly love leggings, but I can definitely get behind you on the skinny jeans train. I personally feel leggings are a bit more difficult to style (because of the aforementioned panty lines and such), so on mornings that need a quick outfit I opt for dark skinnies as well. Wonderful lament.

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  3. I seriously thought I was the only person who thought this. I have hated leggings forever. They aren’t flattering at all. And the panty lines, oh god the panty lines. I’m glad someone feels the same way! I thought I was alone!
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  4. I’m on the same wavelength, Autumn. I really dislike leggings as well. They look less chic and elegant, and I can’t resist being in something that flaunts all the shape of the things that are supposedly covered in public – if you know what I mean. Great post! I’ve seen this in IFB and you have a new follower in me. I’m looking forward to see more of your blog!

    Lil Miss Bianca
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  5. I tried wearing leggings and they were ok, however, jeggins use to be my thing
    but now they just don’t do it for me anymore.

    Thanks for linking up pretty girl and happy weekend!!


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  6. I for one love leggings but I feel they don’t return the love to me. I’m curvy with hips and a butt and somehow I feel leggings don’t suit me always.
    As much as I’d love a pair of those printed ones, I know they’re not for me, so I stick to darker colours and wear jeggings instead.

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