My three 2015 style resolutions

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I haven't had a New Years resolution in five years.

In eighth grade I decided to look into style and create a wardrobe that truly represented me. All I had then were t-shirts and light wash flared jeans.

Ever since then I've felt no need for a resolution because I wasn't finished with fixing my closet and figuring out my style. Now that I've come to terms with my wardrobe, I've come up with three new style resolutions to help refine 2015.


Junior year of high school I came to the conclusion that dark skinny jeans were the only type of jeans I needed.

  The colorful jeans were too hard to match with my mismatched wardrobe and pants looked cool but were too old for my age group and out of the question. I lived by that motto until this year. While I freely invested in a wide range of skirts and shorts, I stuck to my three pairs of dark skinny jeans until about a month ago when I tried on a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans at Forever 21. The pants were not only more flattering than the skinny jeans I had been wearing, but looked more stylish and caused a frenzy of new styling ideas in my head. Those jeans caused an addiction and now I want to try out every crazy style of pant imaginable.


Each time I go online shopping I remind myself not to buy the shoes from Forever 21 and I always inevitably end up with a cheap pair of flats.

  They last a month or two before they end up at the bottom of my shoe bin. Therefore, I have set a limit on the price of shoes this year. Sandals have to be at least $30, Flats at least $40. I would set a price for boots, but I have so many that I shouldn't need another pair next year. My suggestion would be $60 minimum for booties and $150 minimum for riding boots. Note, the only exception to this would be knockoff Keds. The cheap ones last about the same amount of time that real Keds do, so I'd suggest saving the thirty or so dollars and buying the $10 pair at Target.


I am guilty of ignoring my makeup.

  There is one bronzer in my makeup bag. No concealer. Two foundations that don't match my skin as well as they should. There are too many eyeliners, which I don't actually use in my routine anyways, and not enough blush. Last week I declared a makeup emergency and splurged on the Two-Faced Natural eyeshadow palette at Sephora. I asked my mom if she had old blush and also bought some new eyeshadow brushes. I used to be one of those "maybe I'll put on mascara today" girls, but that was partially because I didn't have anything in my bag I liked besides my mascara. This year I'd like to change that and not only buy more makeup, but learn how to wear it properly and in a style that suits me. I'll recount my makeup experiments along the year. That way you guys can learn from my mistakes and my successes. Have any questions, comments, or concerns about my lack of makeup ability? Email me at

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  1. I can definitely implement some of these myself lol.

    Good Luck with you! 🙂


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